From the Beach to the Bar and Back Again

September 08, 2011

NYC-based blog prettierthanme recapped our "Beach to Boardwalk" brand concept by describing how our swimwear is both functional for the beach and fashionable for the street:

"The warm weather is approaching and its got the city a buzz.  I suggest everyone gets ready for it with fresh swim trunks that go from beach functionality to beach bar cool.  The swim trunks offered by T. Christopher fill this need perfectly.  All of the shorts offered are fully functional on the sandy beaches.  They used premium fabrics that dry quickly so you’re not dripping wet when you head for the near by beach bars.  Also, there are plenty of details added to every style like darting along the rear pockets, color matched piping along the seams, and a variety of silhouettes.  The price for these fashionable trunks?  Well they range from $125-$135.  For more information click here."    Click here to read the entire article.


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