T. Christopher at GMHC's Fashion Forward Fundraiser

November 28, 2011

T. Christopher had a great time at GMHC's Fashion Forward fundraiser. We presented 5 looks that were up for silent auction, the proceeds of which went directly to GMHC.

W. Magazine's Vanessa Lawrence gave us a great mention:

"Two brands, Buckler and T. Christopher, upped the ante on their presentation by going with live male models, a tableau vivant, of sorts, designed to show off the goods. At Buckler, I casually asked if the guy came with the look.

“An extra $50,” said their handler, nodding his head toward a blonde model and adding, “But that one’s an extra $100. He’s very popular.”

T. Christopher put their boys at a slightly higher price point (perhaps because they were forced to stand there for two hours in board shorts and swim trunks).

“Starts at $1500,” their maestro told me. “But tell me which one you like and I’ll bring him over. So you can have a touch and feel.”

Say what? No, I’m good. I was joking. Really.

“Of the fabrics,” he demurred with a wink. “Very important to touch the fabrics before you buy,” he continued as he ushered over one bare-chested model while motioning towards his waistband."

Photo: Billy Farrell Agency

Read the full article here.

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