Hot Child In the City: A Sizzling Swimwear Review

August 08, 2012

Fashion As A 2nd Language blog feature: Hot Child In the City: A Sizzling Swimwear Review 

As much as we love the beach, we can still appreciate the undeniable sultriness of an August weekend spent in the city. To avoid overheating, drink plenty of liquids; keep exertion to a minimum; and, of course, wear as little as possible. Modern swimwear offers every option, from low-cut racers to swim shorts finished so nicely, you could walk around town in them. In other words, how much to bare is for you to decide.

Swim shorts by T Christopher. Sunglasses by Blinde. Sandals by DSquared. Beach blanket by Hermès. In this portfolio: Hair by Davide Marinelli at De Berardinis. Model: Bart G at Ford Models. Photographs by Noël Sutherland. Produced and styled by Mark Grischke for FA2L.

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