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Who is T.Christopher?

I love to travel.  Through travel we experience new cultures, reflect on the important things in our lives, and discover ourselves.  I love clothes that travel well; are stylish; easy to care for; and have a story.  It’s why I started T. Christopher.

My first professional experience was with an airline, which offered me a world of frequent global travel and exploration.  This led to my working with one of the most iconic luxury hospitality brands, Belmond, formerly known as Orient-Express Hotels Ltd, promoting experiential journeys around the world.  As a boy in Minnesota, how could I know that I would one day be able to say I had traveled to more than 30 countries and had seen so many wonders of the world?

To me fashion is an integral part of travel.  I am passionate about both mens designer clothes and experiencing the world.  I began taking night and weekend classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, immersing myself in the world of fashion and design.  This gave me a better understanding of what it took to get a garment from concept to consumer.  I started T. Christopher with a focus on mens swimwear and it has grown into the collection you see today.

I am quite proud of what we’ve built, being in the company of luxury fashion brands.  I sweat the small stuff and pay close attention to exceptional fit, functional comfort, and fine detailing.   My garments are designed and manufactured in New York City, using premium fabrics sourced primarily from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Japan.  By making them here at home I’m able to react quickly to your feedback, stay close to the design, and maintain control quality.

I hope T. Christopher is with you as you journey the world. 

Happy, safe travels!